Another OK day

I may be jumping the gun by writing this post before dinner, but I’m pretty confident I won’t overeat again.

Lunch was a little larger than it should have been — but oh-so-delicious. I ate at Bigfoot Bar-B-Q in downtown Flagstaff (ah, the perks of being a food reporter!). I thoroughly enjoyed my pulled pork sandwich with a side of sweet potato fries and had a serving of peach cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Delicious, but perhaps not the most diet-friendly choice. I did, however, take a 30-minute walk this morning, and did some more walking around downtown. So far for today, my step total is 2,280 — nearly 1,000 more than I got all day yesterday, and I still have hours before bed. (Of course, they’re hours full of sitting on my butt in front of the computer …)

I did say I’d gotten terribly lazy these last few months. Remember? But I’m trying to turn things around.

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