That’ll learn me …

After work, I snuck off to Wendy’s for a midnight snack … and on the way back home to eat it, I got pulled over by a policeman. He said I made a “California stop” instead of a real one at a stop sign. It’s entirely possible, as I was preoccupied with the fact that my debit card was declined when I knew there should be $100 in the account.

Anyway, he was very nice, and only gave me a warning, so it could have been worse.

You think this’ll break me of the bad habit I’ve developed?


One response to “That’ll learn me …

  1. That might do it! I always have this fear when I get something from a drive thru that I’m going to get pulled over and get “caught” with forbidden foods – I think I’d be more mortified about that than an actual ticket!

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