Not exactly a roll

Unless it’s a cinnamon roll. However, I am making more of an effort these days.

I’m sorry to say I went off the rails for a few days last week. After going on a 4-hour hike with my coworker, Heather, and her dog, Bandit, on Sunday, I had a wisdom tooth taken out Monday … and used it as an excuse to eat crap for most of the week.

Yes, more than one milkshake was consumed, along with mashed potatoes and gravy from KFC. I got some healthier “soft foods,” too, like yogurt and soup. But of course, the bad-for-me ones were much more appealing.

Hey, I’m being honest here! 😀 It’s much harder to stay OP when the dentist says, “no popcorn, nuts or granola.” With popcorn, nuts and granola bars being staple healthy snacks, that makes good choices all the more difficult.

Got back to counting Points Saturday, so this is Day 4 of being back on plan.

Really, I don’t know why I do it. I feel so much better when I’m in control and counting my Points. If I knew what made me lose it, maybe I could stop it before it happens.

Today’s a busy day. I did some exercise and ate a healthy lunch, and head to my book club meeting later. Since I slept through breakfast, I should have enough Points for a treat or two at the meeting.


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