Looking forward to it

For the first time in a long time, I’m actually looking forward to getting on the scale.

You heard correctly. I WANT to weigh in. Unfortunately, it won’t be at an official WW meeting … at least not this week. I get paid on Friday and hope to go back a week from Monday.

Here’s a chart I’ve been using all week to track my Points.

Week in review

This week turned out to be a pretty great one. Every day but one, I ate 30 Points or fewer. The other day, Boyfriend Day, I was at 38 … but I counted them all and used FPs.

I actually have half an FP left. Amazing. The only thing I wish I’d done differently? Earned some APs. I’ve had an awfully lazy week.

Well, Monday I get to start all over again — new FPs, a brand new week. I plan to make it another good one.

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