Great breakfast & a new blog

I know, I know … I usually don’t post until the end of the day. But since I had something to share, I figured, “Why not shake things up a little?” Blogging more than once today won’t hurt me!

The Boyfriend called right before 9 this morning, so I was actually up early enough to make myself that French toast this morning. I’m psyched, because it turned out delicious.
Psyched? I haven’t said that since about sixth-grade. Ah, let’s not take that trip down memory lane.
Anyway, it couldn’t have been simpler to make.
1/4 cup egg substitute
pinch each of cinnamon, nutmeg & Splenda
1 Sandwich Thin
Spray a small skillet with cooking spray. Mix egg substitute, spices and Splenda. Dip bread into egg. Cook on each side until as brown as you like it.
Yum! And only 2 Points. (I added half an apple and a drizzle of SF syrup, making my total for breakfast 3 Points. Same number as a bowl of Special K w/ 1/2 cup milk, but a nice change!)
On to the blog. Thanks to Tonyne over at The Unlikely Success Story, I discovered a new blog this morning: T.J.’s Test Kitchen. T.J. has lost about 70 pounds on WW (which is where I’ll be when I finally hit goal). Right now, she’s doing a giveaway … a great lunch bag filled with some of her favorite snacks.
And now I’m entered to win! 😀 (I never win this kind of thing, but it’s always fun to try.)

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