Who knew?

Still just $4 ...Did you know a $2 bill is worth exactly … $2.

Since I’d never seen one in circulation, I was hoping it’d be worth much, much more. Alas, $2 bills are still in circulation, so even fresh, crisp $2 bills from 1976 are worth no more than face value.

Not what I wanted to hear, what with my finances in the mess they’re in. I stress-ate my way through the weekend after discovering the d*** bill collector is still taking $200+ from my paycheck each payday. I NEVER agreed to pay them freakin’$400 a month … EVER. (I believe we settled on $150.)

I can’t live on $600 a paycheck when my mortgage takes $500 and my car insurance takes the rest.

So I spent the weekend stressing about money. I skipped my WW meeting for two reasons: No cash to pay for it and the home scale said 192.5 (up considerably from last Monday’s total) … that meant it would have been a waste of money anyway. 😛

The stress eating stops now, though. I really want to follow WW at home on my own for the next month or so until I can get the wage garnishment stopped and go back to my meeting.

Until then, I have to do it on my own, for myself. I’m still so close to goal that I don’t want to reverse my progress.


One response to “Who knew?

  1. I hear ya on stressing out about money. I had to get a second job to afford things because my full time job reduced our hours. So… now with the second job I’ll be working approximately 47 hours a week. :-/ Oh well. Gotta do whatcha gotta do!

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