Up way too early

The Boyfriend woke me up at 4 a.m. today, calling because he’d let a friend borrow his truck and couldn’t get ahold of said friend 9 hours later. No answers to texts or phone calls and he started to panic. He didn’t want to be stuck at Gila River Casino with no money and no vehicle.

I told him to call back when it got light outside. I didn’t know if it was still snowing out there, but I wasn’t about to head down the mountain in this weather when it was pitch-black. Even if the snow had stopped, the roads wouldn’t improve much until the sun came out.

So he called again at 6 to wake me up so I could get ready to ride to his rescue. About the time I got out of the shower and poured myself a bowl of Special K for breakfast, he called to say she finally called back — she’d apparently fallen asleep.

But since I’d already showered, I was wide awake … so I’ve been up ever since. I’m not used to watching the sun come up! Not sure I like it, either. I much prefer days that I get up at noon (so I don’t have to eat breakfast and have more Points for the rest of the day!).


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