Health screening

Had my health screening at work today and the results left something to be desired.

First off, their scale weighed me at 193.6 … That’s way off from the home scale, which said 186.something this morning. Granted, I did eat a donut at the mall this afternoon, but that shouldn’t have caused a 7-pound gain. (The good news is the donut, filled with peanut-butter cream was way too rich. I won’t be pining for one of those every time I walk past the bakery anymore.)

They did a body composition test (based on the higher weight) and my body fat came out at 34.3 percent. Not great, by any stretch of the imagination … but I can remember when I first started Atkins, my body fat percentage bordered on 46 percent. That makes 34.3 percent an improvement. Still, it can be better — loads better.

My other results:

BMI: 27.8
Total Cholesterol: 169
HDL (good) Cholesterol: 44
Blood sugar (not fasting): 133 (I’m blaming the donut!)
BP: 140/76

With the stats recorded for posterity, it’s time to concentrate on “The Biggest Loser.” I think I’ll do some exercise while I watch.


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