Why is it?

After a couple of days of very bad choices, I’m left wondering one thing: Why is it that when we feel sick, we go straight for the comfort foods?

I’ve had a horrible, voice-losing cold for the last few days. On Saturday, I couldn’t speak above a whisper. Yet I managed to stuff my face with all kinds of bad-for-me foods … mainly cheesy, gooey Mexican dishes.

I don’t get it. But at least I’m on the mend now — thank goodness. Today, instead of getting a chocolate malt at Sonic, I stopped myself. I got a diet Dr Pepper with low-cal cherry syrup instead … and a vanilla cone, but at least it wasn’t the shake.

The even better new news? I’ve been drinking hot tea like it’s going out of style, so I had no problem getting enough liquid.

(You know what Monty Python says … always look on the bright side …) 😀


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