Three snacks in one photo

Overall, for the first day I’ve counted Points in a while, I’ll count this one as a victory. I ate 28 total — 23 plus my 5 FPs. But I also got in a 16-minute walk, so I earned 1 AP. I’ll take it!

This afternoon while working at my desk, I had some WW cheddar twists, then 2 clementines and a Quaker Chewy Granola bar. Impressively, I got all three snacks in just one picture!

After indulging in curly fries for lunch, I ended up with 6 Points left for dinner. I ate a serving of cider stew (pictured in the post below, with the recipe) with half a Sandwich Thin to soak up the extra cider-sauce. That was exactly 6 Points, so the pumpkin fluff I ate for dessert was the start of the FPs.

I also had an apple with peanut butter and then a WW peanut butter cookie. So I snacked a bit more than I might like, but overall remained in control.

Let’s see if I can go for two days in a row, especially seeing as how I’ll be at the Boyfriend’s tomorrow and Wednesday.

Food Units
svg. pumpkin fluff w/ ff cool whip 1
arby’s jr. roast beef sandwich 6
arby’s kids meal curly fries – should have gotten the applesauce instead 5
ww cheddar twists 2
2 clementines 1
chewy granola bar 2
cider stew 5
1/2 sandwich thin 1
1/2 c pumpkin fluff w/ ff cool whip 1
honeycrisp apple w/ 1 t rf pb 3
ww pb cookie 1
Total: 28

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

P.S. I included a gratuitous shot of my Christmas tree for all you holiday lovers out there. The roommate and I put it up Sunday morning, before I headed off to my write-in.


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