So far, so good

With breakfast and lunch behind me, I’ve consumed 16 Points.

Hmm. Saying that out loud makes me realize that’s actually not so great when I have just 23 Points to eat. Perhaps I need to retitle this post “So far, not so good” …
Breakfast was HG’s Egg Mug Classic on half a sandwich thin. Pretty tasty, though I still think I prefer the Egg Mug Lorraine, with bacon bits, onion and dijon mustard in the mix. After some computer time, during which I accomplished nothing but surfing the Net, I headed outside for a walk.
I ended up walking myself over to the house of a neighbor who happens to be a writer, and we decided to have lunch at Picazzo’s, our favorite gourmet pizza place. I had my usual, the caesar salad/slice of pizza combo, which today happened to be a shrimp scampi pizza. Delicious! The only trouble is, it had alfredo sauce … so I’m counting lunch as 12 Points instead of the usual 11. Hope it’s not actually more than that!
Now, I’m off to the Boyfriend’s for some quality time with my computer until he gets home from work. I’ll work much better being at the Starbucks in Camp Verde, away from the temptations of the Internet.
My heroine is about to impulsively cut off the long, blonde hair she’s been hiding behind for years. And then she’s going to wish she had it back.

2 responses to “So far, so good

  1. hi there – I just came across your blog! Congrats on the weight loss so far. It sounds like you are on track and I am sure you will reach your goal! I know what you mean when you say that weight loss = choices but that making the right choices = success. I think that is a great mantra to live by 🙂

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