Thursday: A mixed bag

Woke up and the home scale told me I weighed 182.4 — down 3 pounds from Tuesday! I also put my Golden Heart entry in the mail, so I was feeling pretty fine this morning.

I treated myself to my favorite salad/pizza lunch from Picazzo’s to celebrate, but then took a 20-minute walk afterward. During the walk, I even did a few minutes of jogging — about 5, I think. I lost track.

It was all downhill from there. I overindulged in the tortilla chips that were hanging out in the break room at work … I shouldn’t have eaten even one, because I know I have a hard time stopping. But I ate one … and then another one … and then I lost count. I probably used at least 10 FPs tonight, and I’m still hungry.

I’m thinking about eating more of the pork I had for dinner when I leave work. But being ribs cooked in the slow cooker with green salsa, it’s not the healthiest meal I’ve ever made. It was, however, delicious. A coworker gave me the recipe when he moved to Hawaii and gave me his Crock Pot.

Then again, I don’t need pork at 2 a.m. I should just go home and go to sleep. The pork will be there in the morning (and healthier, because I’ll be able to skim off some of the fat once it’s chilled).

I think I just successfully talked myself out of snacking on pork! Let’s hope so. I’d like to see the scale continue to drop.


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