They’re back!

Last year, I discovered Clif Kid Organic ZBar in Spooky S’mores flavor and raved about it. Well, it’s back, and it’s just as delicious this year.

The package describes it as a “baked whole grain energy snack” and says it has 10 g whole grains, 12 vitamins and minerals and no high-fructose corn syrup. Good qualities, all — but I’d say it’s more like a cookie … a tasty, delicious cookie.
I was excited to spot a display of these at the grocery store Sunday. As far as sweet snacks go, this is one of the healthier ones. No, I’m not fooled into thinking it’s GOOD for me, per se … but it is a better choice than straight chocolate, or a 100-calorie pack of something.
And with 130 calories, 3.5 grams of fat and 3 g fiber, it has just 2 WW Points! 😀
Yesterday was a decent day on the Points front. I tracked everything, even though I didn’t make all the best choices (it was Prime Rib for $10 night at the casino, and that’s what the Boyfriend and I had for dinner.) I did keep it to one trip to the buffet … well, I made one trip for a plate of salad — no croutons or bacon bits, just veggies, but a drizzle of real blue cheese dressing — and one for mashed potatoes, corn and the meat.
But by tracking, I discovered I hadn’t blown it quite as badly as I feared … and that made it easier to make better late-night snack choices.
So far today, I haven’t eaten anything. I’m about to head off to Starbucks to work on my Golden Heart entry, though I think I’ll eat breakfast before I go so I’m not tempted by one of those silly 6-Point muffins. Of course they do have oatmeal …
Who am I kidding? If I walk in there hungry and see the muffins, the muffin will be what I order. I know myself well enough to know that. 😛
What Golden Heart entry, you ask? Well, when I’m not busy being a journalist and weight-loss blogger, I’m trying to break into the publishing biz with my romantic comedy. I’m a member of Romance Writers of America, and the Golden Heart is a contest for the unpublished among us. This is my first year to enter, and the entry fee is a stiff $50 … so I’m trying to make my little manuscript the best it can be so I actually have a chance to win.
I seem to get more done when I work at Starbucks — and I’m usually pretty good at NOT being tempted by the baked goods. I’ve had a couple of pieces of the low-fat coffee cake, but even those are 6 Points each. I usually get a tall iced, FF/SF latte, but lately I’ve been getting unsweetened iced green tea (which I add Splenda to) — the large size costs less than the small latte, so it lasts longer. And it’s 0 Points, compared to the 2-Point latte.

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