Struggling to ‘get the balance right’

So far, I’m failing — not miserably, but failing nonetheless.

I try to strike a balance between healthy food choices and indulgences — the indulgences won all day Friday and part of Saturday. Sunday, the healthy choices took the prize. I even still have a couple of Points left for a snack when I get home from work. I’m thinking popcorn drizzled with EVOO for 2 Points. Yum-o!

I try to strike a balance between working out and resting. Unfortunately, these days I find myself resting a lot more than I’m working out.

The biggest area I’m trying to find a balance in is life in general. I’m trying to balance the healthy eating and exercise with work and (in my off hours) work on my writing career. That’s a lot of balls to keep up in the air at once, and I’m not doing a very good job of it. I can’t imagine what would be falling by the wayside if I had a husband and kids to take care of. I don’t know how Roni does it: Maintaining her weight, working, three blogs, training for a marathon … I wish I had half her energy and discipline.

It seems that when I’m at work, I’m either stressed or (when it’s slow) bored, so I’m snacking a lot. When I’m home, I have time to exercise and eat right, but feel like I should be writing instead. And when I’m writing, I may not be snacking because I’m busy with my novel … but I’m not taking that walk I know I should take.

I need to strike the right balance wherein I can work out, eat right, hit my goal weight by Thanksgiving, get my novel rewritten in time for the Golden Heart competition (deadline Dec. 2) and still have time to go to work and spend time with the Boyfriend.

That’s what I want for my birthday, which is on Wednesday: A recipe for balance.

Anyone have any tips for me? I’ll try anything, within reason.


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